Gili Tal

Lecture: December 4, 2019 - 6 pm, E.01.23 (Neubau)
Studio visits: December 5, 2019 - from 10 am

Gili Tal (b.1983) lives in London. For the last few years she has been thinking around how the outside, urban world is branded, and the asymmetrical power geometries that come into play when it comes to the question of who gets to roam it. Her recent shows include 'Civic Virtues', 2018, at Cabinet, London, 'Roaming', 2016, at Jenny's, LA, 6A Minerva Street, Vilma Gold, London in 2015, and 'Panoramic Views of the City' at Sandy Brown, Berlin in 2014. Titled 'Mastering the Nikon D750', her current show at gta, ETH Zurich, will run until December 11.