New Noveta

Lecture: January 12, 2021 - 8 pm CET (online *)

New Noveta are artists Keira Fox (UK) and Ellen Freed (SWE), formed in London 2011. They have exhibited and performed extensively internationally since. Their practise revolves around social conformity and its effects, drawing on behaviours and actions that divert from controlled societal structures as a necessary reaction. In their performances they display reactive palpable anxiety/hysteria and conduct repetitive ritualistic task-based actions as a means of release and revolt. Subject matters and research have included folklore interpreted in a feminist context, female alcoholism, mental health historically and currently, with an ongoing interest in socio-political struggle and the impact this has on the body, mind and vulnerable communities. They work within mediums including costume and prop making, characterizations, scents, installation and sculpture, as well as semi-choreographing performative pieces for site-specific commissions, rarely repeating a performance twice. They also work with and exhibit digital photo collages, and have an upcoming record release of previous performance sound pieces. For each project they invite friends who are designers, artists and musicians to collaborate on customised pieces. Recurring collaborators include Vindicatrix (David Aird), Miranda Keyes, Xenab Lone, Hurtence and Gabriella Massey of fashion house Atelier Bâba.

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